This section will explain the Game interface and how to play the game


The purpose of the game is to steal the enemies lives by sending units that will traverse the enemy maze and when they reach the end of the enemy line a live would be taken from the enemy and gain by owner of the unit. The units that achieve to pass through and reach the end then they'll continue to the next enemy, this will continue until the unit dies or goes back to your line.

To protect against the enemy units you have to build a maze using towers to slow the units path and kill them before they reach the end of your line.


When you first enter the game it'll ask for a username to identify yourself. For now there is no Sign Up so every time you'll have to enter the name you want to be seen as

After that you enter the Lobby, where you can see the total number of players online and where you can also start to Play the Game.

Once you click Play you enter a waiting room. This room is intended to match you with other players that also want to play the Game, as the player population is really low it also has a countdown where every 10s it'll reduce the size from 6 to minimum of 2 as the game can be played by a maximum of 6 players or a minimum of 2.


The Units that you can summon can be found on the bottom right of the screen on the tab Units. Every unit has a gold cost to summon and it provides an increase on the income of the player. And when killed they give gold to the player that killed it equal to the income they give when summoned.

Units get summoned in a random place on the top gray section of the line and steal the live when they arrive at the bottom of the line, on the other gray area


The Towers that you can build can be found on the bottom right of the screen on the tab Towers. Every tower has a gold cost to build. As of now there are 2 types of towers, range and melee.

When building the towers you should try to extend the path that enemy units have to do to reach the end of your line by creating a maze that they have to traverse. I f you want to remove a build tower click on it and a cross will appear, click on it again and the tower will be removed and 50% of the gold will be given back to the player.


This gives a general view of all the players in the Game, which are their lives and income.


Every 15s you'll receive Gold equal to the income you have, to increase the income summon more units.


Gold is used to build towers and summon units, to get more gold kill enemy units or summon more units to increase the income